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"If you are searching for answers and help in adopting a child you have come to the right place! Hope For Families has several wonderful services and programs to help you realize your dream of completing your family".

Dr. Ken & Lynn Brown

A loving adoptive family is needed to match with a healthy birthmother for biracial adoption!

Hope for Families Adoption Services Inc. is a not for profit Florida state licensed adoption/child placing agency and during the last 13 plus years we have assisted over 1600 families adopt over 2500 children while maintaining an A Plus BBB record. 

Consider the following adoption matching opportunity, then if you fully qualify and have an adoption profile for us to present, call us if you are interested in being presented for this match!

Our newest birthmother “C” is a 30 years old Caucasian woman who already has four healthy children between the ages of 6 to 12 years whom she deeply loves.  When interviewed, she presents as being responsible, mannerly, sociable, intelligent, determined and self-aware.  “C” is 5’4”, has brown eyes and brown hair and speaks English and Spanish as her family was originally from Puerto Rica. “C” states that she does not use any drugs, does not drink and does not smoke. “C” says that she is completely healthy with no medical conditions, no STDS and she does not take any medication other than her prenatal vitamins. “C” says that she has a good diet, is now receiving counseling for this adoption and prenatal care.

“C” is due on December 14, 2016 by a C Section child birth at a hospital in St Lucie County, Florida.  The doctor just told “C” that she has placenta previa (which is a lower placenta) which places her at a slightly higher risk which is reduced by a C Section (See and if concerned discuss this with your physician.)  The gender of the child is a boy and the child is expected to be healthy. “C” has firmly decided to place her baby for adoption as she can simply not take care of or provide for more children.  “C” is currently in the process of relocating from Texas back to her home state of Florida to be closer to her counselor and our adoption agency.  This necessary relocation has added some expense to the adoption unfortunately.

The African America father of this baby is completely unknown to “C” as they met over one night at a party and she has no way to reach him and does not even know his last name or any contact information for him.  In this type of case, the birthfather presents an extremely low risk to the adoption.  He is described as being 6’4”, healthy and handsome.

“C” really wants a heterosexual married couple of any race to raise her baby but is very insistent that her selected adoptive family would not have any children so that her child would be treated with a special love. “C” will choose a loving, feeling, compassionate and understanding couple who cannot have children to be the parents for her child and wants to talk to you on the phone once before officially matching.  “C” wants contact through the pregnancy including telephone calls and most likely one face to face visit before the birth.  “C” then has selected a generally closed adoption after the birth with the adoptive family assuming all care for the baby immediately after the birth as she does not want contact after birth to reduce bonding.  She is open to receiving pictures of the child and updates about the child development but only through the agency with no visits or direct contact.  

The adoption fee for this situation is as follows:  The living expenses are approximately $1500 a month for the 4 months till birth and these estimated Florida State authorized living expenses will need to be paid every month and also for 6 weeks after the birthmother signs and placement which is usually two days after birth. To accept this match after you are selected by the birthmother “C”, then within 48 hours you would need to send the Initial Adoption Agency Fee of $16,000 along with a signed adoption agreement and application, plus two months of initial birthmother expenses that altogether total $19,000.  The final Adoption fee of $8,000 is split up into two payments...$5400 to contract with our attorney within a month of matching.   Then the $2600 balance and 6 weeks of post-partum living expenses of $2,000 will be due just before the birth.  The adoption fees and these estimated birthmother expenses therefore will total around $32,000.  Only the paid birthmother expenses are at risk because if the adoption fails for any reason, then all the adoption fees you will have paid are reapplied to another match with our agency so that you do not pay additional costs.  You will also need to get an approved home study and complete post placement reports at additional cost but we could help you with them if you live in Florida.

Given this information, financial obligation and criterion for this birthmother “C” including her restriction of considering only adoptive families without any children, are you in a position to be seriously considered for this adoption opportunity? If so, then please email Hope for Families’ Founder/Director Lynn Brown at or call on her cell 772-538-4112. We look forward to assisting you adopt “C”’s precious baby and we need to find a match for her immediately!

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New Born Baby Adoption Program (Newborns to two years old) 

The Services below are for FLORIDA residents only.

Intervention Adoption Service (Children two years old and up)*

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Adoption Home Studies Service (Appointments within two weeks)

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Foster Care Adoption (coming soon!)*

*In most cases, all the adoption fees for this program are reimbursed to you by the Adoption Tax Credit making this a N0-NET COST adoption option! 

Matthew 19:14(NIV) Jesus says...

"Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these."  

Hope For Families is a compassionate, family operated agency providing complete adoption services as well as adoption home-studies.  We will walk you through each step of the adoption process.

Hope for Families: Adoption and Counseling Services, Inc., is a Florida registered not-for-profit corporation licensed in Florida as a Child Placing/Adoption Agency (#100016597), although we assist families adopt all over the United StatesHope for Families has a great deal of experience in adoption as over the last 12 plus years we have successfully assisted 1600 families adopt over 2500 children and we are an “A Plus” member of the Better Business Bureau.


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