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Shannon & Naomi

From Naomi:

It's amazing to think the time has finally come for you to be reading this book. We have prayed long and hard for this moment, but nothing has prepared me for the excitement of completing our family in this way.

Given all the options, I can only imagine what a difficult and deeply conflicting decision this is for you. I fully recognize that giving your child the gift of life and further deciding on an adoption plan is the ultimate selfless act of love for your child that only you can make. There is no greater gift to our family than this child, but we realize that it comes as a great sacrifice to you. I admire your strength, courage, and faith. Know that I empathize with any fears and doubts you may have today, but we will raise your child to know that you made this decision out of love for him or her.

Your child will live a life of happiness and security because of your unselfish decision. We will nurture and surround your child with love, joy, compassion, understanding, patience, support, and security. Just as a missing piece to a puzzle completes the picture when found, know that your child will be an integral part of our family, and will thrive as a person. 

Your child will grow up to be comfortable with the fact that he or she is adopted, and will embrace how he or she became a part of our family. We will raise this child to have an understanding of just how deeply you loved him or her. We never want the child you give birth to to feel rejected, embarrassed or excluded. Rather, we want him or her to grow up knowing that he or she was loved from the start, destined to join our family, and is an integral part of our whole. We want this child to know that we searched for him or her and that God blessed us when He answered our prayers.

From Shannon:

All my life I have been preparing for fatherhood. Growing up, my family did not have much but there was plenty of love and support to go around. I am the oldest of six and always felt I had to be responsible. I think that was a huge driving force behind many of my decisions, including going into business for myself.

I put off marriage and starting a family for years because, as a provider, I wanted to have everything in place so that my wife and children would never have to worry. My sacrifices paid off when my path crossed with the woman I had been searching for, and our family blossomed from there.

I am grateful for and honored by the prospect of lovingly raising your child as our own. Know that we will love your child with all our hearts. May you be blessed with a sense of peace and strength for having chosen adoption for your child. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for considering us as your child's adoptive family.

With love, honor and appreciation,

~ Shannon and Naomi

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