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Rafie and Michelle

Let me start off by offering our sincere gratitude in giving us this wonderful opportunity to nurture your baby, thus fulfilling our ultimate goal in life, to share our love and finally be a family.

Our journey goes back a decade ago when we moved to United States, eventually ended up here in Florida. Michelle and I met each other at work. We started as acquaintances until 4 years after did we hit it off. We found each other’s similarities in travelling and enjoying life. Few years after, in 2013, we exchange our “I do’s”. It was a wonderful day for both of us, surrounded by family, friends and well-wishers we all love and cherish.

After getting married, we moved to a 3bedroom, 2-storey townhouse in a quiet neighborhood. The house has a huge backyard with a Florida room. We have entertained our family and friends. Michelle has a sister in Orlando, she’s married with a 4-year-old son. She also has a brother in Chicago, married with a daughter. On the other hand, I have my cousins in California, each has their own family. I have two siblings living in the middle east who work there, and the other 6 are back in the motherland, two of them have children.

Both our families, from two distinct cities, embody a life established on a high value in education and strong foundation of faith. We finished our college degrees in a private university, which does holistic approach in its upbringing of students. Philippines is well known to be a God-fearing nation, and faith is the center of everyday living. These approaches we intend to adopt and share with your child hoping to instill the same values that we embodied. We continue to envision the child to be confidently beautiful, with a heart.

Ever since then it has been a tough challenge for us to extend our family by bearing a child of our own. After 5 consultations with different medical specialists and 2 rounds of In Vitro, unfortunately our goal has not met. It had seemed that the world is up on our shoulders. After further consultations, our doctors spoke to us about adoption. We did our research and studied well at this option. We offered prayers for guidance, and our dream is still alive. We are fortunate to have presented this opportunity, and we are all-in. We worked as professionals in a tertiary medical facility. We have been through a number of other facilities around south Florida, but we settled in a hospital that we believed in their core structure and good employee benefits.

Finally, we tinder prayers of blessings to you and your child to be of health and strength in striving to have a better future ahead! We will be forever grateful for this grand fate.


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