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This is a FREE questionnaire we would like you to review to see if we can begin the process of adoption.

Dear Adoption Inquirer,

Our agency attempts to help as many people adopt as we can facilitate, but our primary goal is to make ethical decisions of the people we approve to adopt new borns based on the best interests of the children.  Our home study service may not have all of these qualifications so please phone us to discuss it.  To keep the children that we actually place with the families safe and for us to  make sound adoption decisions we have developed agency policy and our agency qualification list.  We also have found it extremely difficult to find appropriate matches or outside agency cooperation for people who are outside these core requirements.  We have the following policies for our New Born Program in place to ensure the physical and mental health, relational stability, financial solvency, residency requirements, ethical character, risk assessment and appropriateness of accommodation of the adopting parents as per our duties mandated by the Department of Children and State Statutes for the placement of children.  Most agencies may have their own policies and qualifications based on their interpretations of suitability for adoption, so if you have some issue meeting our qualifications, we suggest that you inquire with several other agencies.  

Please carefully read each point and answer for both applicants as you will be asked if you reviewed this questionnaire before we process your application.  If either of you said NO to any questions 1-8, you DO NOT qualify with us.  *If either of you answered NO to any questions 9-15, then you will need to share a short explanation on your application to be considered.

  1. We are both US citizens or at least one of us is a US Citizen.  YES   NO

  2. We are both within the ages of 24 and 54 years of age.  YES   NO

  3. We have been legally married for at least 4 years and have a stable, loving relationship.  YES   NO

  4. We have both been legal Florida residents for at 2 months. YES   NO

  5. We have never been investigated by the Department of Families and Children.  YES   NO

  6. We have never had children removed from our home or failed a home study. YES   NO

  7. We are financially stable, our joint gross income is over $40,000 and we are not in bankruptcy. YES   NO

  8. We have never been charged or convicted with any crime against children, domestic violence, homicide, assault or battery, terrorism, arson,  kidnapping, or prostitution (or any other sex crimes).  YES  NO

  9. We are both in good physical health and have no health issues reducing life span.  YES   NO*

  10. We have never had mental health problems or taken related medications.  YES   NO* 

  11. We have never been arrested for anything at any time.  YES   NO* 

  12. We have never had a police officer attend our home for a domestic dispute and we have no history of any type of domestic violence with or without charges. YES   NO*

  13. There are no adults who are 18 years or older living with us that have ever had a criminal arrest, DCF investigation or domestic violence history. YES   NO* 

  14. Our extended families on both sides support our decision to adopt. YES   NO* 

  15. Our home is clean and neat, child proofed, and we have enough bedrooms as defined by maximum of two children of the same gender per room with no adults sharing that room. YES   NO*

If you both attest to the truthfulness to the answers of all these questions and all of your answers were YES than you qualify to be considered for adoption through Hope For Families.

Please carefully read each point and answer for both applicants as you will be asked if you reviewed this questionnaire before we process your application.  If you  are just looking for an adoption home study and are single or have not been married for at least 3 years please call us to discuss your situation at (772) 429-3334 or Cell (7720 538-4112.Thank you!

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