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Per & Cindy

Hi there!

We would like to start off by thanking you for considering us as the future parents of your child. We are grateful and honored for this consideration, and are hopeful that by looking through our profile, you will gain a better understanding of why we would make a perfect family for him/her.

We feel incredibly lucky to have found each other and be surrounded by family and friends who love and support us. They mean the world to us, and we really enjoy spending time with them and their kids, hosting pool parties and dinners.

We spend a lot of our free time working on our farm and taking care of all our animals. We have horses, goats, chickens, turtles and cats, all with their own personalities and they all love receiving attention.
Our animals provide us with joy and companionship, and we know first-hand the benefit that growing up with animals has on children. The joy in the eyes of a child around animals speaks wonders, as does the self-confidence developed from caring for animals, the respect for all life gained, and the unconditional love experienced.

We respect and admire you for considering an adoption plan for your child.  We promise that if we are chosen to be the parents of your child we will love that child unconditionally and will give them the best life possible. We also promise to have respect for you and your wishes for openness with your child. We can’t imagine how difficult the decisions you are facing are, but we hope that you receive peace and comfort in whatever decision you make. 

Again, thank you for looking through our profile and considering us for your adoption plan.  We look forward to speaking with you and getting to know you further. 


Cindy & Per

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