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Matt and Natalie

Dear Mother,

We know this decision must be very difficult for you but what you are doing is a truly wonderful thing. With the hope of offering some reassurance to you we would like to take a moment to tell you a little bit about ourselves and of our intentions.

We intend to love this child just as we would love a child naturally born to us. We promise you that we will not speak negatively of you to your child. We believe it is critical that the child know that this adoption choice was made out of your incredible love and it was made for the benefit of the child and so we will tell this child about your courage, strength and love. This truly is a brave thing you are doing and your child will know that.
You may wonder why we are adopting. When Natalie was 14 she had 2 rods and 8 hooks put into her back to correct a curvature of her spine that was progressing rapidly and would require her to eventually use a wheelchair. (It makes for an awesome X-ray!) The surgery was a complete success (no wheelchair!) but when the surgeon came out to tell her parents that she was going to be ok he also told them that she should never become pregnant. So, with the mental flexibility of most 14 year olds, Natalie simply shifted her desire to be a mom someday to a desire to be an adoptive mom someday. The man that she considered to be her Dad was not biologically her father but she was treated no differently than his biological children so she could see that the love for a child did not come from biology but from the choice of the parents to love. It was a wonderful thing when she met Matt and he felt exactly the same way so it was agreed, we would adopt!

We believe strongly in the value of education and we intend to encourage this child to go to college and possibly beyond if it is what he or she wants. We also intend to teach the child about the love of God and the importance of a strong and steady spiritual foundation. We know that our church will gladly welcome this child and we will be excited to raise the child in our church.

We live in a small, tight knit neighborhood that is very integrated and everyone watches out for each other. Our neighborhood has lots of children and our community has a great mix of races so that this child will be sure to see him or herself reflected in the people living in our community. Matt was raised just outside of Washington, D.C. and Natalie was raised in a suburb of Detroit, Michigan so it was important to us both that we raise our child in a community that was as integrated as the places where we both grew up.

We are focused on love and acceptance and not on judgment or negativity. We are a home filled with support, love and laughter. We strive to lift one another up and to respect and be respected in our home. We are sure that a child will thrive in this loving environment and will have a wonderful, secure and supportive family life. We have a large extended family support system, some of whom are adopted themselves, and everyone is so excited about this new addition to our family.

Thank you so much for considering us as a family to love this child.


Matt & Natalie

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