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Lynn Brown

Lynn Brown-Co Founder/Director/Birthmother Manager

Lynn is the co-founder of Hope For Families Adoption and Counseling Services and serves on all of the Hope Executive Boards as the Secretary and Director. Lynn is responsible for Sales and is the Outreach Director and manages the birthmothers. She is the first line of contact for all new inquiries from both prospective adoptive parents and birth mothers who have questions and concerns about their pregnancy and adoption options. Lynn also ministers throughout their pregnancy to our birth mothers who are choosing to place their baby for adoption and coordinates clinical and practical services for them. As an adoption specialist, Lynn travels throughout Florida with her husband, Dr. Ken Brown assisting him with the clinical reports, assessments, interventions, custody transfer and home study/post placement visits to our families and birth mothers to facilitate adoptions.

In 2001, Lynn began working with her husband, Dr. Brown and assisted him with completing adoption home studies and in scheduling his counseling practice. In 2002, the Browns relocated to Fort Pierce, Florida and began to set up their adoption agency that Lynn officially named as Hope for Families Adoption and Counseling Services, Inc. Since that time, Lynn and Ken have successfully provided adoption services for almost 1,500 families adopting through the US and 40 international countries. Lynn has assisted with the child placement and adoption supervision of the children during the post placement visits which is her favorite part of the ministry. Lynn has been instrumentally involved with every aspect of the child placing process and has earned a tremendous amount of experience and expertise in adoption.

Lynn has a diverse background in retail sales, as she managed a golf pro shop and jewelry store, and doing sales, merchandising and window display design, flower arrangement and inventory control. Lynn also served in the service industry as an executive caterer and server in fine dining for many years. Lynn passed a real estate course and sold new home construction and time share properties for several years becoming the top sales agent. Lynn was also a ballroom dance instructor, a co-owner of a dance studio and won several local dance competitions.

Growing up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and oldest girl of five brothers, Lynn says that she was raised to serve and be responsible for others, as she played a maternal role in her family. Lynn had two children of her own before she was 20 years old and raised them as a single mother. Twenty years later, she assisted her daughter in raising two granddaughters when they were pre-school age. Then it began over again when Lynn married Dr. Brown and became a beloved stepmother to his three teenage children in 2001. Lynn is the emotional glue for the whole extended and blended family and they all remain lovingly connected through her care giving.

"In all of my travels in life, with the many thousands of people I have met, ministered to, or ministered with, I have never encountered a truer, wiser or kinder soul than my darling wife Lynn. She sparkles with the love of wonder our birth mothers and adopting families are drawn to her. In fact, the major reason most people engage our agency is because of Lynn's encouraging presence and delightful personality. You could even get a sun tan just by talking to Lynn on the phone! Lynn has a Master degree in wisdom from the school of life and PhD in loving others from the Spirit of Almighty God, and this gives her the license to give encouraging counsel to everyone she meets and trust me...she does!

The absolute truth is that there would not be an agency or ministry without Lynn as she is my hard-working partner in our every venture. After going through a devastating marital breakup in 1999, I was so discouraged that I felt I could never be of service to anyone again. But God in His great mercy brought Lynn into my life when I was at my absolute lowest and she deeply encouraged me through her love for me and belief in God's redemptive power. It was Lynn that sweetly pushed me to create an adoption agency and it was Lynn who created the name of our agency and ministry, Hope for Families. I could not have accomplished any of these Hope ministries without Lynn and in all honesty, would not have even attempted to do any of them.

Thank you loving heavenly Father for putting my darling wife, Lynn into my life and then releasing the Hope for Families Services through her encouragement, vision and support. "

Lynn's ever adoring husband, Ken Brown

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