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Relinquishment Adoption Service

Our Relinquishment Adoption Service assists you to adopt a child or siblings through private adoption through relinquishment service.Girl 

Relinquishment is when the biological parent decide that they can no longer provide for their children who may still be with them. Out of love and in the best interests of their children, these parents decide to select an adoptive family and sign legal consents for adoption so their children could receive better care.

Through the Relinquishment Adoption Service you can request the number of children, gender, age range, (generally these precious children range from 2-8 with some exceptions) and ethnicity.  This program includes the home study, post placements, digital profile, marketing, counseling but does not include legal fees.  There are never any birth mother expenses in this program and there is very low risk as we provide fees for actual service.  The agency fee can be broken down into 3 installments with the first payment including the home study, an adoption profile and extensive marketing for 12 months on our 5 websites and to Dependency attorneys in Florida.  Then when you get a match and accept, the next payment includes all the social work, counseling, clinical reports, consents and matching expenses. Finally, the post placement charge is due after the child is placed.  Our adoption agency must personally assist you with an approved adoption home study and post placement reports after placement, and these costs are included in our program.

The Lost Children Relinquishment Adoption Program is approximately half the cost of a new born adoption program.

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