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James and Diana

Hello Friend!

Thank you for taking your time to read this brief letter and considering us for this amazing opportunity. Hopefully this letter gives you a glimpse of who we are and the love we have.

A little bit about us: James always is teasing me because of my firm belief that I am living a true fairy tale life… Let me explain…. I, Diana, was adopted as an infant into an amazing family who loved me and showed me what it means to love God and others. I worked hard and was able to put myself through school to become a 1st grade teacher, something that I have always dreamed of being. Meanwhile, James, coming from a not so happy family, was also working his way through school to become a Nurse Practitioner. Both of us wanted to have our careers in place before we started families, and that is exactly what we did. Just like in a fairy tale, we met two weeks after James moved hundreds of miles away from home to a small town for his first job as a Nurse Practitioner. We met in the same church parking lot of where we now currently attend church. We quickly fell in love and were married 15 months later.  Our marriage is filled with laughter, smiles, and time spent together and with our dogs.

James and I have always desired a large, happy, and laughing family, but unfortunately just as in every fairy tale we ran into problems. I was diagnosed with abnormal complex cells in the Uterus, hyperplasia, and PCOS. We were able to go through treatments and get a clean bill of health, but we were told it would be too dangerous for us to get pregnant without intervention for fear of the abnormal cells coming back. I would have to be actively seeking fertility treatments, have a hysterectomy, or on birth control for the rest of my life. We tried the fertility treatments, but after 6 month of them failing we decided it was not what God had planned for us.

I have always wanted to adopt because I am adopted myself. James quickly jumped on board and decided that it would be through adoption we would have our big happy family. We have both told our families and they are beyond excited to have the first grandchild on either side!

We want our fairy tale life to spread to everyone around us. God has blessed us with amazing jobs, a happy and loving marriage, an amazing church, and family and friends that love and support us through whatever we are going through. If you chose our family, your little one will be taught about the love of God and how He is with us through all things, the happy and hard times, how your little one was chosen and loved long before they were born, and how they are blessed to have not only immediate family who loves them, but also a birthmother who loved them so much that she specifically chose this family for them. 


James and Diana

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