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James & Jackie


We want to first thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child and second for the truly amazing sacrifice you are willing to make for your child.  Your choosing us as parents for your baby would be the greatest gift and blessing we could possibly imagine.  We have talked and dreamed about having a family for so long that is hard to believe it is moving closer to reality.

Jackie and I have been married for eight years now and have built a wonderful, comfortable and stable life for ourselves but something is missing.  We have tried to have a child since we married but have not yet been blessed. After multiple failed fertility treatments and miscarriages, we decided for our own sanity and peace to not try further treatments.  We still believe that the Lord has a good plan for us and that plan involves children in our family.  Our desire for children is so strong that we cannot imagine the possibility that it won’t happen. We spend so much time with our pastors’ children, they refer to them as “our kids” too and we love them so much we cannot imagine how much love we would pour into a child of our own.

We want you to know that our home is a place of comfort, security, love and faith.  We will work hard to instill integrity, strong morals, and high self-esteem in your child.  We feel that a great parent is one who has an open and supportive relationship with their child and will always put the child’s needs above their own. We will strive to teach your child to be respectful, caring and loving.  Jackie and I believe strongly in a structured but fun environment; education and responsibilities are important but so is joy and laughter. Our life in the US Navy provides tremendous opportunity for travel and experiencing different cultures. We can’t wait to share this life with our growing family. Most importantly, we believe that every child, biologic or adopted, is truly a gift from God and your child will be loved as if they were our own flesh and blood.  Jackie and I will do whatever we must do to raise your child to be a strong and confident adult.  They will also know their birth mother loved them so much that she sacrificed her own happiness so they could have the best life possible.

Jackie and I cannot imagine the struggle you have gone through to reach the decision to bless another family with your child.  We only hope you realize that the sacrifice you are making for your child will be worth all the tears knowing that they have a wonderful and bright future ahead of them.  Thank you again for considering our family to adopt and love your child.

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