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Heather and Stephen

We are a family of three, with three pets, who live harmoniously in a diverse and friendly neighborhood. With wisdom gained by overcoming challenges in life so far, we realized that we value family more than anything else and want to add to ours. We love sharing our life with each other, parenting, taking trips, eating delicious and healthy meals together, biking, walking, camping, playing, reading, dancing, singing and spending time with friends. We are healthy, happy, smart, settled and full of energy for a new baby. We have time, resources, experience, support and so much love to share. We invite you to read more about us to help you decide whether you feel we would be a positive match for you and your baby. We trust your judgement. 


Heather and Stephen

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130 S Indian River Dr, Suite 301
Fort Pierce, FL  34950

Office: (772) 429-3334
Fax: (772) 429-3336

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