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We want to first thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child and second for the truly amazing child you are giving us. Your choosing us as parents for your baby is a blessed gift and gives us what we have been praying for.

Karina and I have been married for four years now and have created a wonderful life for ourselves. We have a beautiful home, a loving Italian and Ecuadorian family, we have a Yorkie named Yoyo but something is missing.  We have tried to have a child since we got married but have not yet been blessed. I am not able to have children and I want my wife to have an angel like your child. I know that the Lord will provide children to our family.  Our desire for children is so strong that we cannot imagine the possibility that it won’t happen. My wife prays daily because we want a child so we can give a gift of endless love. We have nephews and nieces, which we love dearly and we would pour this love into a child of our own.

We want you to know that our home is a place of love, safety, laughter and faith.  We will work hard to instill a strong Latin and Italian culture with your child. As a teacher, I know what it takes to instill strong values and provide endless patience and love. Karina is one who loves and is passionate about children. We have family in all parts of the world and enjoy traveling. Your child will be able to see the world and be educated by the best and brightest. We believe that education is the key to success.

Your child is truly a gift from God and your child will be loved as if they were our own flesh and blood.  Karina and I believe that your child will have Amor, be a child of Dios and live in an amazing casa. I also know as the birth mother you have made the ultimate sacrifice so your child will be happy and safe. God will reward your sacrifice and by the many blessings we can give you.

Thank you again for considering our family to adopt and love your child.

Francesco and Karina


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