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Florida Homestudy Document Checklist

This is a list of documents that will help us do your home study. We only require photocopies and not original documents. If you do not have any of these documents, then there is still time after the home study interview to get them for us, so you do not need to delay the home study visit:

1. Your family photo (color)
2. Drivers License(s)
3. Passport(s)
4. Birth certificate
5. Marriage license (if applicable)
6. Divorce decree(s) (if applicable) (top sheet only)
7. Military discharge(s) (if applicable) DT214
8. Most Recent Federal income tax return (Page one with signatures)
9. Employment verification (employment letter or pay stub or both is better)
10. Health insurance (copy front and back)
11. 5 signed reference letters including:- Name, phone number, & address- A statement describing what character the adoptive parents possess which would help them to be good parents (1 - 2 paragraphs)- References should include a hand-written signature.


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