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Employer Assistance

University or School Employee Adoption Assistance:
Adoption assistance is sometimes available for eligible university employees from certain universities and teachers from some educational institution, and your request does not have to be based on a financial need.
Employer Assistance:
Ask your employer if they can help with adoption expenses. Or call the Workplace at the National Adoption Center at (800) 862-3678 to find out how to request this help from your employer.
Adoption Assistance Benefits Program:
Many employers will help with costs by reimbursing adoption expenses with a cash benefit of up to $4,000 dollars. If your employer does not offer this benefit, call Adoption and the Workplace at the National Adoption Center (800-862-3678) for materials to guide you in requesting adoption assistance from your employer.
Federal Employees Adoption Benefits:
Many non-cash assistance benefits are available to federal employees to make the adoption process easier like extended sick and family leaves to be used for travel, court hearings, and other adoption proceedings.
Military Adoption Reimbursement Program:
Military non-recurring subsidy program is a one-time subsidy program for full-time military personnel. Married couples can receive up to $2,000 reimbursement on adoption expenses for one child or a maximum amount of $5,000 for siblings or two children whether adopting a healthy infant, a waiting child, or a child from abroad. Travel costs, foreign or domestic, are not covered. Reimbursement is made ONLY after the adoption is finalized and only if the adoption was done through a state adoption agency or a non-profit private agency. Eligible personnel should complete DD Form 2673 (Reimbursement For Adoption Expense). Please see Defense Finances and Accounting Service Instruction 1341 for more information. For more information about adoption for military families you may contact the National Military Family Association at 


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