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David and Tara

Hello from David, Tara, and Allyson!

We are beyond thankful for the opportunity to tell you about our family. We are forever grateful for you and the unwavering love you have for your unborn child. You are unbelievably brave and selfless in your decision to choose us as parents for your child and 8 year old Allyson as a big sister!

Our lives fatefully began to change the day we met in October 2014. Little did we know that God brought us through certain moments in our lives so when we finally found each other we would understand the special gift our relationship and life would be. Soon we discovered how parallel our worlds really were! We frequented the same places, attended the same high school, loved the same college teams, we knew the same people but never met each other. For a period of time our family lived in the same neighborhood we are in now! All of those close encounters combined with our fateful meeting brought us to this very moment. This moment where we meet you and you meet us.

In 2016, we eloped! There were a few reasons we felt compelled to elope, one of which was a family member that we loved dearly was in terrible health. As it turned out, he is still doing well today! God had his hand in our elopement and still guided us to it. A year later, we celebrated our anniversary with a gorgeous outdoor reception/anniversary party.

We live in a beautiful rural(ish) town that is continuing to grow! We enjoy attending our church that is less than 3 miles away, it is the most loving and accepting group of people outside of our own family and friends. We have such a fun and safe children’s ministry that Allyson just adores! Our family and faith is the foundation that keeps us motivated through this incredible journey. We both have large extended families of aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents that share a close relationship with us and visit frequently. They are all overjoyed with our hopefulness to bring another child into our family through adoption.


We enjoy taking vacations, love dirt track races, snorkeling, scuba diving, bowling, the beach, traveling, supporting Allyson’s talent in cheerleading (and anything else she aspires to do), watching tv together, arts and crafts, attending sporting events, spending time with our family and friends, and any new adventure that may come our way. Although we really enjoy our free time, we are invested in making sure our children have a positive educational experience. We have excellent public schools in our area. The elementary school our home is zoned for is currently graded B and since 2008, it has received 7 A’s. The junior high is currently an A school, and the high school is graded B. As you can probably see in our family portfolio book, we also encourage college dreams (at any age).

At this point you may be wondering our motive for adoption, well, it’s simple really…we wanted children. The dilemma is we both struggle with fertility obstacles, yet we dreamed of expanding our family with another child and immediately discussed adoption when we first started dating…about one month into our relationship to be exact! It was just such an easy decision that we both knew it was the right one to make. We briefly considered a vasectomy reversal late 2016. Due to issues involving many years of blocked and scar tissued fallopian tubes from IUD complications, our doctor told us our chances of conceiving naturally (with a vasectomy reversal) were below .06% each month. To some, the devastating news could have been derailing, but we always felt God guiding us towards adoption, closing the doors that weren’t meant for us, and we stayed our course, leading us to you.

Thank you again for taking the time to get to know our family! We are so honored that you have considered us to raise your child in a home full of love, support, and so many opportunities to grow. We look forward to sharing pictures and emails with you throughout the years to come and making sure your child knows that your journey to find us was that of strength and love entirely for them. 

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