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Ben & Staniel

Dear Birthmother,

We are writing to you with such love and gratefulness in our hearts for what you are sacrificing for our family.  I admire your courage and heart for what you are doing.  I always believe that God has a path for us, we just don’t know what that path is.  It is with faith in him that we find our way.

I adopted my beautiful baby girl after I finished my master’s degree and moved to Florida.  I had no control over finding Mr. Right, but I did have control over being a mother.  Being a GOOD mother is something that meant so much to me.  So I made it happen and adopted my little girl.  I prayed to God that if is his will, the right husband and father will come along.  If not, then I was ok being the best mother I can be.  And by God’s grace, the love of my life came to me and my daughter.  My husband is an amazing husband and father.  He adopted our daughter soon after we got married.  God has blessed our family with so much joy and love

Our daughter is such a happy little girl and that is what brings us so much joy.  Our daughter now prays almost every day for a little brother or sister.  Through no fault of our own, we were not successful with IVF.  But that is ok and we are ok, because like I said earlier, God has a plan for us.  God brought us our beautiful baby girl and now we pray God will bring us our second baby boy or girl.  We feel very blessed to start this next chapter in our lives and are, and will always be, so grateful for you for helping us.  You are a God sent and we’ll hold you in our hearts.  We wish you love and happiness always

Best wishes,

Ben & Staniel 

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