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Allison and David

Dear Birth family,

We first want to thank you for taking the time to read our letter and look at our profile. We know you love your child with all of your heart and want the best for them. Your choice of adoption for your child is the most unselfish, courageous, and loving thing you can do, and such a hard decision for you. Thank you for showing your love to your child in this way.

Our names are David and Allison and we have two wonderful children, Blair and Brooke. It is kind of a funny story of how David and I met. We attended the same church and met in early high school when he came up and tried to talk to me. I thought he was too “nerdy” and I was shy so our conversation only lasted a few minutes. Fast forward about 10 years after we had graduated college, and I was in medical school. We were still attending the same church, and we were both leaders of the young college and career Bible study class. We started dating, and a few years later, we got married. Two weeks after we got married, we relocated a few hours away so I could complete my family medicine residency program which lasted for 3 years. When I finished my residency, we decided to move back to our hometown so we could be near family and start a family of our own. In fact, my brother and his wife and 2 children live down the street as do my parents. David’s parents live about 15 minutes away. Our other siblings for the most part live in Florida and we see them all often. Family is very important to us.

We have always wanted a big family since we loved having siblings growing up (David is one of three boys, and I have four siblings). We were blessed to have our first child, Blair, soon after moving back to our hometown, and he is now 3 years old. We had been interested in pursuing adoption for several years and about 16 months after Blair was born, we were blessed to adopt Brooke as a newborn. She is now 19 months old.

Blair and Brooke are the light of our life. They are amazing, so loving, and get along great. They are hoping for a little brother or sister sometime soon. They are very active, and my part-time work schedule as a physician allows me to spend a lot of time with them visiting parks, museums, and indoor play places, biking, and swimming. Since David is a teacher and only works four days per week, we also have a lot of time during the year with long weekends, holidays, and a long summer to spend time together as a family doing fun things. Our extended families are very involved in their life as well and we see them on a daily to weekly basis.

We have an open adoption with Brooke’s birth mom, sending pictures and notes and video chatting on a regular basis. She lives several hours away, we visit her once per year, and she has an open invitation to visit us if she would like to as well. She has become part of our family. When able to, we also see Brooke’s birth mom’s extended family and her other children as well during visits. We feel that the birth family should be able to continue to be in touch and involved for as long as and for as much as they would like to be. We have a wonderful relationship with Brooke’s birth mom.

Thank you for taking the time to read our letter. You can take a look at our profile and photo album as well to learn more about us.


David, Allison, Blair, & Brooke


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