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Alain and Talia


We are Alain and Talia, and we are truly grateful for you. Words cannot contain all of the love and emotions involved in the decision you are making. The decision to give the gift of life. We would like to begin by expressing our admiration for the strength it must take on your behalf to consider adoption for your baby. It is a courageous and selfless decision and we would be honored to be considered as a family for your child. 

We always wanted to be parents, we just didn't know it would be so difficult and take so long. After many rounds of infertility treatments, we realized that a child would not come into our lives in the conventional way. We have made the decision to adopt a child and grow our family through the assistance of, hopefully, you! We want you to know that we will love your child unconditionally and will devote our lives to providing him or her with all the love, security, and joy we can offer. This child will be loved beyond words by us, by our families, and by our friends, and he or she will always know the great love you have for him or her as well. We hope that we are the parents you are dreaming of finding for your baby. Thank you for considering us. We will be praying for you.

With love, 

Alain and Talia

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