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Newborn Babies Adoption Program and Registration

Let us help you adopt!
Our goal is to make the whole adoption process a positive experience
supporting you to quickly become adoptive parents!

Why choose our program?                                   Adopting a newborn baby:

• Hope for Families is a non profit, licensed child placing adoption agency in Florida
• Babies of all races available for adoption
• Birth mothers come from churches, crisis centers, varied advertising and referrals 
• Birth mothers have received counseling
• Birth mothers have been monitored and cared for by a licensed social worker
• Medical reports given before commitment
• High follow through ratio for adoptions
• Adoption from Florida or other states
• The process is quick and efficient
• We always answer your call or email
• Professional yet compassionate service

Our private program that will facilitate you adopting a precious new born baby in the United States is an amazing adoption opportunity.There is a short adoption waiting list and most of these adoptions occur in about 12-18 months. Adopting in our own country is increasingly becoming more popular as international adoptions have become much more difficult and expensive. Infants born in the US are generally in good health and you have an opportunity to review the medical reports of the new born baby before final commitment. We are very sympathetic to couples who have suffered infertility, particularly with those dear people who have exhausted fertility treatments. Our referral process is respectful of yourconcerns and the birth mother’s preferences.

Affordable Fees…
Hope for Families is a non-profit child placing agency and our fees are in the lower range of agencies and completely explained in the adoption contract so that you will be fully informed and prepared for your adoption.
Mission of Hope for Families:
As a Florida licensed non-profit Child Placing Adoption Agency #19-3363-000-09 is certified to complete domestic adoptions. The purpose of Hope for Families is to assist loving, stable parents fulfill their dream of adopting new born babies in the United States to build healthy, permanent families.

Domestic Requirements to be an Adoptive Parent:

Only couples who have been married at least three years can adopt, with very few age restrictions, other than we recommend people younger than 60 years of age and older than 21 years of age. No more than three previous divorces are acceptable and parents must not have a major criminal record although we will review every situation. Applicants must not have a major life threatening medical illness or severe mental health diagnoses at the time of the application. Household income must be approximately $40,000 or more. At least one of the adoptive parents must be a U.S. Citizen or have permanent US resident status.

Adoption Process…
The first step is to have a completed adoption home study along with signing the adoption contract so that we can begin to look for a birth mother who will choose to place her baby with you. Then we will be able to offer you an adoption referral so that you can talk to and meet the birth mother, often by attending the ultra sound visit. At birth, you will meet your baby and spend time with the infant in the hospital until the birth mother signs the adoption consent and we place the child in your care. The legal work and post placements occur over the next 3 months to finalize the adoption.

Professional Service…
Hope for Families has a tremendous team of experienced staff, including social workers, case managers, coordinating agencies and attorneys with unique talent, education, and experience that will make every effort to remove anxiety and stress from your adoption experience. Together, we will help you find your precious baby and assist with all aspects of the adoption so that you can quickly fulfill your dream of completing your own permanent family! We have a heart for adoption and consider it an honor to serve adopting parents through out the adoption.

Private adoption is a wonderful option!!!

New Born Babies Available…
• Caucasian, Hispanic, Afro-American, Asian or bi-racial ethnicity
• Children are medically tested
• Semi-open adoptions typical
• Children of either gender

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Cost Estimates for this Program:
Several componants are included in the New Born Adoption Program. There are a number of "third party" fees that are required either by state or federal laws and may also include attorneys' fees. In this program, on average, you will have up front costs of $27,000 to $29,000 which include the adoptive service fees and home study, matching fees, birth mother expenses and related costs. Any related travel expenses may be additional. However, the Federal Adoption Tax Credit of $11,800 usually reduces the total cost by this amount and is paid to the adoptive family by the Federal government in 2009. This can net your expenses down to $16,000 to $18,000.

Registration for this program:
Through registration of interest in this program, you will receive special links to full written disclosures for the program together with all forms, program agreement and detailed information laying out costs and associated expenses for this type of adoption. You may call co-founder, Lynn Brown at cell 772-538-4112 to be prequalified for the adoption program of your choice, or you may register at the link below.

This inquiry does not oblige you to use Hope For Families Adoption and Counseling. But it will provide you with useful information in your search and we hope that you will consider us as your agency in this wonderful life changing event. Please click HERE to inquire for this program and receive the disclosures and associated costs.


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